MoCapTracker is a project for recording and analyzing Motion Capture data, especially of marker based tracking systems. It is hosted on Sourceforge.

There are 3 programs:

  1. ARTrackingDump: Records data sent from an ARTrack system to the network. It can record this data into a MySQL database, a file or to standard output on the console.
  2. MoCapTracker: Tool to view and analyze the data, it contains some special algorithms for identification and tracking of markers.
  3. C3DReader: For importing data into the motion capture database. It can only cope with Intel-based C3D files.

All programs use a MySQL database as the main data storage.

ARTackingDump and MoCapTracker are written in Java. C3DReader is written in C++ for Qt4 on Windows. It should also work on Linux but this has not been tested thoroughly.

License for all programs is the GPL v3.


Documentation for the project is located in a Wiki. Bugs should be reported on the corresponding Sourceforge page. Please use the forums on Sourceforge as well if you want to discuss anything.


Files of the project as well as a description on how to get the most recent development code out of the version control system Subversion are available on the relevant Sourceforge pages.


Contributors for the project are: